In attendance - PwC & Committee For Adelaide's Federal Budget Insight Lunch Event

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PricewaterhouseCoopers and Committee For Adelaide hosted last Friday's PwC’s Federal Budget Insight’s Lunch Event, to hear one of the first addresses from South Australia's new State Treasurer, The Hon. Rob Lucas MLC.

Morton Philips directors Phil Morton and Alison Surjan, Committee For Adelaide Board Member were in attendance to hear about the recently released 2018/19 Federal Budget, with a range of reforms and key policy announcements included, and what the budget means for South Australia and its future prosperity.  The event hosted some 140 guests at the Adelaide Town Hall.

With Committee For Adelaide's CEO, Jodie van Deventer as Master of Ceremonies, The Hon. Rob Lucas MLC delivered the keynote address of South Australia’s involvement, and the future of our local and national economy. The new Treasurer’s perspective was spoken of, ahead of delivering the newly-elected Marshall Government's first state budget this September.

The Hon. Rob Lucas MLC, Treasurer of South Australia

The Hon. Rob Lucas MLC, Treasurer of South Australia


As well at the Treasurer’s address, Ian Smith of Bespoke Approach, Margot Forster of Defence Teaming Centre, along with Jamie Briggs and Alistair Hutson of PwC were included for a panel conversation on the budget’s meaning for South Australia.

Directors Phil Morton and Alison Surjan are delighted to have been part of an event forecasting the 2018-19 Federal budget.