Advertised Recruitment

We tailor each Advertised Recruitment campaign using clearly defined goals and objectives. Advertisements are placed strategically to ensure we attract the target audience.

The delivery of each recruitment marketing plan will use strategies such as: job advertisements, social media, digital advertising, careers sites (Seek & LinkedIn and other industry relevant sites), proactive search projects and targeted communication, to attract the best people for the role.

This multifaceted approach to talent attraction and recruitment is not aimed at producing more applicants but a higher quality of candidates for selection. With engaging content and documentation tailored to the specific calibre of professional, candidates are fully equipped and a deep understanding of the organisation and the role.

With guidance from our team, we communicate regularly through the process and can adapt quickly to changing needs including adding an element of our Executive Search methodology to ensure we cover the market adequately.

Advertised recruitment provides an opportunity for organisations to promote their employer brand to the wider market and ensure it resonates into the future in a positive frame. This is where businesses can tell their story, why they are an employer of choice and touch on achievements and strategies that make them unique in their field.

Our team remain in contact with all stakeholders through recruitment processes which generally take a minimum of 6 weeks to finalise. The key stages are:

Briefing, meeting with our client to gain valuable and crucial insights into the business and how this role is positioned. Understand the skills, knowledge and experience required from the ideal candidate to be successful in the role.

Advertise, job postings and campaign launch along with Market Search activity as directed.

Assess, shortlist recommendation and application list analysis with the client and interviews scheduled.

Reevaluate, are second round interviews required? Psychometric testing available if required. The Morton Philips team conduct reference checking and qualification and background checks.

Offer, Morton Philips presents the successful candidate with an offer and contract of employment.

Finalisation, Morton Philips manages all candidates expectations and delivers constructive verbal feedback to all shortlisted applicants.

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