Interview Preparation

Master the art of interviewing. Our interview coaching programs can help identify strengths and weaknesses in your presentation skills, give you insight into what current employers are looking for and in doing so help you to build your confidence.

Coaching sessions can cover anything from practicing common interview questions, nailing your elevator pitch and personal brand, as well as brushing up on more general presentation and public speaking skills.

Morton Philips' coaching services include one-on-one practice interview sessions with personalised feedback, a detailed analysis of your verbal performance and body language, preparation for unexpected questions and additional material to improve your overall performance.

Interview coaching for executive or C-suite level jobs may require more specialised coaching, our experienced consultants can provide a tailored service to ensure you have all the tools needed for an executive interview to perform at your very best, with confidence and finesse, showcasing your unique talent and experience.

If you have reached this penultimate stage of a recruitment process, you would already be preferred by the selection panel over a number of other applicants. You should take confidence in this and be proud that your skills and experience are respected and desired by employers. This is the time to prepare yourself to shine and brush up on these important interview skills. Morton Philips are here to help with this.

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Resume/CV Building

Are potential employers seeing your value from your resume in the sea of applicants?

A resume is much more than information neatly organised on a page. A winning resume is actually a marketing tool that successfully promotes you. It's tells your story of your career and the path that has lead you here today.

The Morton Philips team is here to help you create a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd and is designed to address the prospective employers' goals.

Have you let your resume sit on a USB, the Cloud, your Desktop or maybe even in paper form in that drawer at home for a while - perhaps even years? Contact our consulting team, book in a time to see us and let's update this vital personal tool so it's ready to go when you see that next opportunity.

We are in the people business and have an experienced team who know what skills, achievements and experience employers are looking for.

We are well-versed in writing a range of resumes, including entry-level, career change, return-to-work, professional, senior executive and c-suite, as well as cover letters, LinkedIn® Seek profiles and more.

Writing a quality resume is challenging, time-consuming and needs to showcase your skills, experience and accomplishments. Being at the forefront of recruitment, we know what other recruiters and employers are looking for and how we can help you to be visible to opportunities you may not even know exist. One of Morton Philips' key recruitment strategies is Executive Search where we partner with organisations to confidentially find the best talent to complement their teams.

Contact one of our experienced consultants on 08 8210 8510 or to assist you not only write a winning resume but provide career and innovative job search strategies to assist you take your next career step.

Be ready to take on the next recruitment process with confidence.

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