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Our Executive Search expertise delivers unmatched results using our personalised approach for the appointment of C-suite executives and Board Directorships.

We engage with clients on an exclusive basis and use our true Executive Search methodology, strong networks, previous assignments and global contact database to source candidates. We ensure that all candidates have the required credentials, can demonstrate success in related roles and, most importantly, are the right culture fit for each unique business and team.

Morton Philips has a dedicated and experienced team involved in executive head-hunting, recruitment and full talent solutions. Our team works closely together, collaborating and sharing expertise across assignments to ensure the full delivery of service, exceeding our clients' expectations.

The Morton Philips talent pipeline strategy has been built on the strength of our relationships with candidates, through the care and support provided to each applicant throughout every step of their career journey. Providing a positive candidate experience is as important to us as our clients, ensuring it is transparent, efficient, and reflects our culture and goals. As a result, our candidate community consists of the highest quality talent in the market.

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