Executive Search is our expertise and the most sought after approach for the appointment of C Suite Executives and Board Directorships.

We partner on an exclusive basis and work on retained assignments with clients seeking the uncompromised and valuable intelligence of target identification and the sophisticated “head hunting” method. 

The process adopted is unique to Morton Philips and each assignment strategy is determined through the formulation of a customised Search Plan in consultation with our clients.  Our Head of Research is responsible for the entire development of a current and thorough Market Map.  Extensive research thereafter to ensure the market is captured.  There is no reliance on public only information so the limitless information gained through the research can also provide such value through the process uncovering information such as salary and performance data otherwise, not privy to anyone beyond internal employees.  We are responsible for making the approaches thereafter and converting interest to secure the most qualified, experienced and suitable individuals for our clients within their scope of requirements.

Our commitment is beyond process and administration.  It is a genuine interest to ensure that the appointed candidates are successful and this is backed up by the scrutiny and rigour of our reference checking, due diligence and guarantee on placements.  We take responsibility for the placement and share the commitment of its success with our clients.